How Prince Harry talks about his exes, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, in his book ‘The Substitute’

How Prince Harry talks about his exes, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, in his book ‘The Substitute’
How Prince Harry talks about his exes, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, in his book ‘The Substitute’

In his explosive book, The Alternate, Prince Harry devotes several pages to his former girlfriends Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. Both have long since turned the page and built a family away from the court: the first became a mother in March 2022, of a child born from her union with her husband, the hotelier Sam Cutmore-Scott. A few months later, Cressida Bonas, married to real estate agent Harry Wentworth-Stanley, also gave birth to her first child. Prince Harry has had a good relationship with them, so much so that they were present at his royal wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018. According to the British press, the prince would have asked his exes to participate in the writing of the Substitute in the summer of 2022. The answer? A double “no”. Nevertheless, in the book-bomb, they are evoked with tenderness.

Harry met Chelsy Davy in South Africa, at the Berkshire Polo Club in Cape Town, in 2004. In his book, he describes her as a girl “like no other”. Totally disinterested in her royal status: “She knew nothing of my biography, and she knew even less about my family. Grandma, Willy, Dad – huh? what ? who is that ? Better, his lack of curiosity on this subject was total. This first meeting was followed by three days in Botswana, spent “walking, laughing, drinking and watching animals”. It was there that they kissed “for the first time under the stars”. Thus was born an intense relationship that lasted seven years. The affair ended in the spring of 2010, after several back and forths, as Chelsy yearned for a life away from the spotlight. “Chels admitted to me again that she wasn’t sure she was ready for this. Spend his life hunted down? What could I answer him? I would miss her terribly. But I completely understood his desire for freedom, ”wrote the prince in The Alternate.

After Chelsy Davy, Cressida Bonas entered Prince Harry’s life. Eugenie of York, a close friend of Cressida, introduced them in 2012. Sparks flew immediately, but Harry’s first attempt at a kiss ended in a moment of sheer embarrassment: “I accompanied her in top of the stairs. She didn’t invite me in. I didn’t expect her to do it, I didn’t want to. No rush, I told myself. I leaned in to kiss her, but I mis-aimed. I could shoot a cactus five kilometers away with a Hellfire missile, but I couldn’t find its lips? She turned, I tried again, and we managed to brush against each other. “Despite this awkward first contact, the story took off: “Before I knew it, we were a couple. The lovers remained that way until 2015, when the story ended because Cressida, like Chelsy, couldn’t resist court pressure and media interest in her affair with the prince.

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