an ecological solution against the destruction of books (

an ecological solution against the destruction of books (
an ecological solution against the destruction of books (

Reported by on January 19, 2023:

“Every year in France, a quarter of book production ends up in oblivion, threatened with shelling. This is what WWF France’s 2019 report highlights. Because any book that the bookseller does not sell, within increasingly shorter, is sent back to the distributor’s warehouse: the distributor then offers the publisher an automatic and free remarketing or a paid remarketing.In other words, many copies end up being massively destroyed. , this method remains an ecological disaster.

As a reaction to this waste, in October 2022 My Fair Book arose. ” [O]n prolongs the life of books when they should be destroyed. We operate according to a system of private sales, we rework the dormant stocks of partner publishers,explain Patricia Farnier and Julie Rovero, the founders.

Prolonging their existence in the name of bibliodiversity, here is one of the missions of the site, all in a logic of circular economy. Thus valued, My Fair Book revives nuggets well hidden in publishers’ attics via its platform – a sort of constantly renewed virtual bookseller’s table. For the moment, the site is concentrating on the literature and fine books segments, but in the long term, it will develop other segments with, among other things, children’s production. […]”

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