Johnny Hallyday: Cameron Smet, his grandson, looks like him like two drops of water!

A striking resemblance. Fruit of the union between David Hallyday and Alexandra Pastor, Cameron Smet was raised away from prying eyes. Now 18 years old, the young man has grown up well. And the least we can say, it’s that he is from the Hallyday family. The reason ? His striking resemblance to his illustrious grandfather. Johnny’s fans had already spotted at his funeral that young Cameron had the eyes, nose, mouth and hair of the Taulier at the same age. Four years later, the teenager has retained his grumpy air and his rock’n roll style. Proof of this is a photo published by Emma Smet, the big sister, in an Instagram story in May 2021. “A little brother who isn’t so little anymore. I love you”she wrote in the caption of a snapshot revealing the carbon copy of Johnny.

Although Cameron’s social media appearances are notable, they are however very rare. However, the young man shares many things with his dad, highly publicized, reflecting their passion for music. “During confinement, I was missing voices, so I asked him to kindly lend me his voice on a title to flesh out the song, declared David Hallyday, in 2020, in the program 8:30 p.m. on Sunday on France 2. And to add: “He loves to sing, in fact, it’s kind of been in the family for generations… We are generations of artists and we like itcheerfulness.”

>> PHOTOS – Cameron Smet, Johnny Hallyday’s look-alike when he was a child

© Bestimage Cameron at Johnny Hallyday’s funeral in 2017
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Cameron Smet, artist seed

In an interview with the show 50′ inside on TF1 and dated 2019, David Hallyday already shared the few passions of young Cameron, who was then 15 years old. The kid, he makes music. He does drums. I’m super happy that he does.”had entrusted the brother of Laura Smet, before announcing that her son wanted to work “in the world of cinema” in order to “to produce and [de] making movies”. “He wants to create. There is this desire to build something”he concluded with great pride.

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