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Idris Elba’s detective is back in the first images of the Netflix movie

Actor Idris Elba is back in the film Luther from Netflix, adapted from the eponymous series, with first images.

It would be a shame to reduce Idris Elba to his roles in blockbusters. The career of the British comedian is far from stopping at the protagonists of Heimdall in the films Thorfrom Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad Where to his appearances in Pacific Rim and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Idris Elba is above all a great actor on the small screen. The admirers of Bugged remember his portrayal of the charismatic Stringer Bell. But it is above all the character of Luther, in the eponymous series, which has earned him real international recognition.

Spanning five seasons, Luther tells the winding journey of a superiorly intelligent detective, but devoured by his inner demons. As his couple crumbles, he will have to solve increasingly devious investigations, at the risk of imploding. A remarkably interpreted series which marked its spectators by its effectiveness. So much so that four years ago, Idris Elba revealed that Luther would show up at the cinema. The project had not really given any news since the announcement, but finally, first images of the film were recently unveiled by the magazine Empire.

Luther in a future snowy investigation

These images have the merit of raising many questions. In particular the first photo, which presents Idris Elba walking through snowy steppes, is intriguing. Indeed, the original program takes place almost exclusively in London. The setting that is shown here is totally different from the much more classic environment used in the series. It is therefore a small surprise to discover the detective in the heart of such a freezing setting. The second photo with his urban tunnel refers to a more familiar context for the character.

Anyway, none of these images gives any indication of the plot of the feature film and even less on its exact place in the very timeline of the franchise. For the moment, we do not know if the film takes place before season 1 or, on the contrary, if it will arise after season 5 (it could even happen between two seasons). In addition, Dermot Crowley is, with Idris Elba obviously, the only actor from the series present in the casting of the film (on the other hand, his character and that of Idris Elba are the only ones existing before the start of the series and after its conclusion).

Luther: photo, Idris Elba

“So when does the movie take place?”

We are therefore eagerly awaiting a trailer to remove doubts and above all the veil of mystery concerning the stakes of this transposition on the big screen. Let’s hope that this feature film encourages the public to discover the very good original television work. Developed by Netflix, Luther could land on the streaming platform in March 2023, still according to Empire.

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