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the defender hit by his goalkeeper against Argentina operated on the pancreas

the defender hit by his goalkeeper against Argentina operated on the pancreas
the defender hit by his goalkeeper against Argentina operated on the pancreas

Saudi Arabia’s historic victory against Argentina on Tuesday at the 2022 World Cup (2-1) was marked by the stretcher exit of Yasser Al-Shaharni. The Al-Hilal defender was hit hard by his goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Owais. Forfeited for the rest of the World Cup, he had pancreas surgery.

This is one of the strong images of the start of the 2022 World Cup. During Saudi Arabia’s resounding victory over Argentina on Tuesday in Qatar (2-1), Yasser Al-Shahrani had to be evacuated to litter. The Al-Hilal defender was the victim of a huge shock at the end of the game. On a poorly controlled aerial exit, his goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Owais hit him with his knee in the face. A spectacular collision that left the 30-year-old completely knocked out on the pitch. The caregivers quickly intervened to take care of him and carry out the first emergency examinations.

The violence of the impact left Al-Shahrani with significant damage. The left-back suffered a broken jaw, concussion, internal bleeding, as well as injuries to his abdomen and chest. Repatriated to Saudi Arabia, he underwent pancreatic surgery on Wednesday, his federation said. The intervention was successful. “I want to reassure you about my state of health, I’m better, explained the player on his hospital bed, in a video broadcast on the networks. Don’t forget to pray for me. Congratulations on the victory. Thank you .”

The 8th finals in the viewfinder

Hervé Renard showed his support for Yasser Al-Shahrani in a message posted on Twitter. After the feat against Lionel Messi’s teammates, the Saudi Arabia coach is preparing his team to face Robert Lewandowski’s Poland on Saturday for his second match in this World Cup (2 p.m.). With the possibility of qualifying for the round of 16, even before challenging Mexico next Wednesday on the last day.

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