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Apple has a million styluses ready for the iPhone 14

In October, Apple unveiled theiPad 10 and announced at the same time that the tablet would be compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil. But on one condition: that of equipping yourself with a dedicated adapter, because the iPad is now equipped with a USB-C socket. However, the original stylus is recharged via a Lightning connector. And the small accessory costs the trifle of ten euros, which is not negligible especially given the price already raised by two hundred euros for the iPad 10 compared to its predecessor.

However, new rumors originally shared on a Chinese social network (Weibo) then relayed on Twitter ensure that the manufacturer would have imagined another solution in the meantime. This would take the form of another digital pen, this time targeting the mid-range market as it is ready to be billed. only fifty euros about. The code name of the small device would even have been Maker.

Better value for money?

Without an integrated battery, the device would not carry a pressure sensor but rather a chip capable of being powered by energy emanating directly from the tablet screen. A system quite similar to that of the S-Pen, a product available from Samsung and accompanying Korean smartphones. It can also be used with the Galaxy Tab.

The supposed new Apple Pencil, for its part, supposedly supported the iPhone. Unfortunately, the source behind this information assures that the project will have been nipped in the bud just before a launch with great fanfare this year (without knowing why). No image of the accessory in question has reached us so far, but at least one million units have already left the factory. These would be ready to be destroyed.

Our opinion

An Apple Pencil almost three times cheaper? One buys. Especially when you know that the stylus has seen its price increase drastically with inflation, going from 99 euros for the basic version to 119 euros today. For the second version, the bill has also increased: from 135 euros last August, the Apple Store has gone to 149 euros now.

So yes, this Apple Pencil “light” might not have been entitled to the overview that arrived with the iPad Pro M2. But at least the more affordable experience would have been within reach of those who prefer to invest in a tenth generation iPad rather than an iPad Air 5 for Procreate, for example. – Official App

By: Keleops AG

The article is in French

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